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About us

Underframe is an emerging Italian band born in 2014 from an idea by Carlo Botti. The idea was to propose new songs with a sound that recalled the 80s, without being a "vintage" project but a real challenge in which to compete and revive that atmosphere and sound, trying to be actual and innovative.
Originally the band had a different formation from the current one and there were some internal rearrangements, but the musical project continued with the intent to consolidate more and more its own musical idea and style, gradually assuming its increasingly defined and peculiar identity.
The musical style of Underframe is substantially pop, post-punk/new wave, trespassing into the surroundings of alternative, psychedelic and industrial rock.
The lyrics are of an intimate and dreamlike nature: they speak of lives and tormented loves, of the need for affection, of restlessness of the soul, of loneliness and alienation, of human weaknesses and inconsistencies.

We find ourselves a lot in the quotation of the Swiss-Belgian master Matthieu Mantanus, who, speaking of Mozart, stated that “the beauty and originality of the music of this classical composer lie precisely in the fact that his melodies are catchy, so whoever listens to them he immediately manages to memorize them easily and then to whistle them”.

So far, Underframe have composed and recorded these songs:
Don't hurt me, Your touch, A slow dance, Sinful love, Silent Commotion

Underframe are:

• Emanuele Bartolomeo: vocals
• Alexander Shumsky: vocals
• Stefano Bandini: guitar, composer
• Alessandro Moncada: bass
• Matteo Crisi: drums
• Carlo Botti: keyboards, composer